With the year-end now upon us, the shops are to have high price-reducing sales, and with us not wanting to hit the major shopping centre’s due to social distancing, now is the time to benefit from stores slashing their prices to move stock.

I’ve come up with my top tips for online shopping to get the best from this season’s sales.

1. Sign up to your favourite store’s email listing.

Be the first to find out what percentage you could receive and be in the loop. Yes, it can be a pain to receive emails every day, but this can significantly benefit if you shop in certain favourite stores, especially if they offer a VIP sales service.


2. Prepare before you go shopping

If you’re going to be planning on an online shopping ‘Trip’ get yourself prepared with your sizing, this can save you money!

Please take your measurements before you start, then when you find your item check with sizing guides. This may sound simple, but a lot of people guess their size. Often it’s wrong and they have to return the items later. And some online stores charge for returning items.

3. Check for returns

As I’ve mentioned above, some stores charge for returns, so check their policy before purchasing if you’re not absolutely sure about something.

4. Read the reviews

Especially when it comes to sizing, fit, and quality. Other people’s opinions can give you great insight before you commit to purchasing. 

5. Check out the items in lighter colours

You see fit and flaws in lighter and brighter colours, which aren’t always apparent in the darker colours and tones.

6. True colours

Remember colours don’t always appear the same online as in real life. Another good reason to check out the reviews.

7. Use the size filter

If the online store has a size filter, use it to save you time and disappointment.

8. Do a wardrobe edit 

Before you start online shopping find out the missing gaps in your wardrobe that you need to fill, rather than just purchasing for the fun of it and regret later. This is not “shopping savvy,” as I say!

9. Shop online while you are in your wardrobe! 

How many times have you bought that fancy new top to find that you have nothing for it to go with? Shopping in your closet is the best idea to make sure that your new purchases will be worn with other clothes. You can see, check and compare without having to remember what you have.

10. Colour match to your hair colour

If purchasing expensive items such as boots or handbags, try and match with your hair colour. This is excellent advice that I coach my clients during the colour analysis consultations. See the colour guide below to give you some tips. 



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