What are the benefits of colour analysis?

Rather a lot.

Wearing the right shade of colour has a huge impact on how you look and feel. Your perfect colour makes your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. It makes your hair tone look richer.


You’ll save money, too. Ever bought something that you almost never wear or, (horror of horrors) still has the label on?

These are items that look out at you reproachfully from your wardrobe and make you feel bad.

Why? Because, in all likelihood, the colour is wrong and you just never wear it.

Imagine the sheer pleasure of knowing that every time you open your closet, you’ll be able to coordinate all your clothes and accessories and that everything you wear suits you and makes you feel really good.


Look good

Oh, it’s so obvious, isn’t it? But it really is true. Wearing colours that suit you, whether they are light or dark, bright or neutral, will make your skin clearer, your eyes brighter and your teeth whiter.

You’ll look younger and fresher and more put together because your outfit won’t be working against you, and that’s before you apply a scrap of makeup. Wearing clothes that suit you essentially gives you a head start on looking good, regardless of whether you walk out the door bare-faced or with full-hair and makeup every single day.

Feel good

All that ‘looking good naturally’ translates to feeling good. And it’s not just about feeling ‘pretty’ (or whatever your word is for physical attractiveness). Wearing colours that are in harmony with your natural colouring and style will give you an inner boost, be it conscious or subconscious.

It allows you:

  • to be more open and engaging
  • to stand up for yourself
  • to carry more authority
  • to feel more attractive

Whatever your own personal hang-up is about your appearance and however it holds you back, colour analysis is one huge step towards overcoming it. Wearing the right colours just makes you feel like you, but better.

Mix ‘n’ match

My personal favourite. All that looking and feeling fabulous is all very well by itself, but actually the thing I find incredibly satisfying on top of it is having a wardrobe where everything works.

The beauty of colour analysis is that everything in your wardrobe will not only suit you, but it will also suit everything else, so you can mix and match endlessly to create amazing outfits.

And (this is it: as a lazy and busy person, my number one benefit) you can get dressed in about 8.3 seconds, without even looking at which top and which bottom you are pulling out of the wardrobe, add some red lipstick, and look like you’ve got it together. Genius!



Here are my top 5 reasons you should have a colour analysis.

  1. You will know what colours to wear in your hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories that give off your best. Wearing colours that do not align with your colouring tend to make you appear — dull, worn, outdated, odd, unbalanced, and even older. Whereas, wearing your best colours will make your eyes sparkle and give you a vibrant, younger and healthier look.
  2. Shopping and going to the hair salon will be easy and efficient. When you know your colours, you will quickly eliminate clothing racks or items you should not be entertaining and you will immediately know which hair and makeup colours are best for you. Colour selection will no longer be a guessing game.
  3. When you are wearing colours that align with you, your energy vibration is increased. Colour is energy and when touching you or emitting from you it gives off a vibration. A great holistic practice to test someone’s energy vibration as it relates to different colours is Energy Muscle Testing. This is a practice whereby muscles are tested to identify whether thoughts, actions, feelings, and things are in vibrational harmony with an individual. When someone is muscle tested wearing colours that are not in alignment with them, their muscles are weaker and therefore they are giving off a lower energy vibration into the world.
  4. When you start buying outfits in your colour palette, you will find the items will easily mix and match with other pieces in your closet that are also in your colour palette. This will ultimately save you time and money. Colours within a colour palette tend to go very well together because their undertone and intensities are the same.
  5. Wearing colours that align with you contribute to you feeling great. Example – when you look in the mirror you will sparkle. When you feel great you tend to attract more great-feeling things to you by virtue of the Law of Attraction.



Are you interested in what colours will align with you and make you feel like a million dollars? Let me show you how I can do this by determining the right colour palette that will suit you for life. Together we can raise your energy vibration with just a few tweaks and bring that sparkle back in all its glory.

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