The fashion colours being featured on the international runways for the next few months are just gorgeous. I’ve given you a brief heads up in this blog of what they are so you can plan ahead for some fantastic shopping experiences.

For further excellent reading, each heading is linked to a blog I’ve written in the past about a particular colour, which will give you more of a deeper understanding of that colour and what works with it, and it will help you decide whether it’s for you or not.



The Biggest Colour Trends You’ll Want to Wear in 2020/21. This chilly winter has seen us donning our woolly sweaters, coats, and boots in dark, sombre hues. Still, fortunately spring 2020 is upon us, and the vibrancy of the colours dominating the runways are as uplifting as they are startling.   

I’ve been following the trends that we can look forward to for spring and summer, and I must say they will have you smiling from ear to ear, such are gorgeousness of them. I’m particularly enamoured with the colour trends that stood out and will no doubt be all over our Instagram and on every cool fashionista in a month or two.

From stunning fiery reds to classic blues, vibrant saffron to serene aqua shades, below I’m sharing the seven biggest colour trends you’re about to see everywhere. Up your game by shopping the hues right now.

By the way, more info on the psychology of colour and how it best works with other colours, click on the heading in each precis below, which are all hyperlinked to relevant colour blogs I did in the past. 

Flame Scarlet

Bold, bright, warm and energetic, this gorgeous red is on fire for this season. Red shouts confidence and unquestionably makes a dramatic statement. From lipstick to shoes to overcoats, one thing about this red is that it will make you feel unbelievably sexy when you wear it. 

Faded Denim 

This blue shade is as cosy and comfy as your favourite pair of jeans. It oozes comfort and is such an easy shade to match with bold, vibrant colours creating a chic and super stylish look. Dress it up or dress it down, you’ll find any piece in this hue will become a firm favourite.  

Biscay Green

Lime green and pistachio were popular last spring, so great news that cool aqua shades are carrying on the trend. This hue has been dominant on the runway and will be seen everywhere in the shops and online. Pair it with any shade of pink and you’ll have a spring into summer hit on your hands.  

Coral Pink

And speaking of pink the pretty shade of coral, which is both warm and delicate, is so feminine and versatile. You can wear it day or night. For evening wear look out for textured fabrics like silk, sequins and tulle. 


Is it yellow or is it orange? Well, I think it’s a combo of the two. This striking colour can be worn head to toe if you’re brave enough, or as a bold touch in your accessories to make a optimistic and stylish statement.


We’re definitely going green this year. This hue is darker, richer and reminiscent of nature’s own. Believe it or not, chive is a neutral colour that goes with a multitude of colours – think saffron!! You’ll see it in luxury items like leather which will have you bashing the doors down to get your hands on. 


We love white in the summer months. Nothings says sea and sunshine like flowy white garments. There was so much white on the runways for this season in varying textures and shades. From the palest grey-white to knock your socks off brilliant bright white. You can wear it in any fabric from leather to lace and it will stay in your wardrobe for many years to come.



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