In my 30 years experience as a Master Cutter and Colour Expert – These are the questions I hear all the time from clients with thick straight hair!    

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  • What is the best haircut for my thick straight hair?
  • It’s so heavy, how do I style my thick hair?
  • Is a blunt cut better?
  • Should I cut my hair short?
  • Are layers better?  
  • Do you recommend long hair or short?

1. Ask the hairstylist to “take the weight out” of your hair. Hairdressers can trim your hair, but you need to take out much weight.

“I recommend cutting in long layers; this creates and gives thick hair movement and a beautiful flow within the hairstyle.”

( Benefit – stops hair looking solid.)

“To achieve blending these layers in, I use thinning scissors or a razor; this will help to lighten the hair and create a soft tapered effect with the layers.” You do not want to cut any blunt layers in the hairstyle. You will make the hair appear and feel thicker!


2. Use serum. Serums and Hair Oils will reduce frizziness, making your strands lay flatter with the bonus of your hair becoming silkier and much easier to tame.

3. Ask the hairstylist for an Undercut. Kylie Jenner has rocked this edgy look, but it turns out it’s suitable for thinning the bulk out of your hair, too! 


“The undercut is a great way to remove a great deal of hair so the hair will lay smoother and sleeker. You can use this style by removing hair at the nape [of the neck] just under the occipital bone.”

“This style works well for a dramatic type of personality, but not all clients would be open to this type of technique.”


4. Use your flat iron; this styling technique gives hair less volume. After drying your hair, use your flat iron to get a sleek look and diminish that volume.

5. Use a rubber hair tie. Those pretty knotted Hair Ties might look great on your wrist, but they won’t hold up your thick hair. Try a thick rubber hair tie. They hold their shape and grip your hair firmly to keep your thick hair in place. Scrunchies are your new BFF.


6. Grow your hair out. Longer hair is denser, which helps it to lay flat and reduce volume.

7. Rock a centre part. A side part makes hair appear thicker, at least on one side. A center part evenly distributes your hair, which will help to take some of the volume out.

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