In a sea of information, offers, colours and lights, how can the real YOU stand out from all the noise. 

If you want to become more organised and intentional in your style or you’ve realised that you need to stand out from the crowd in business  and you don’t know where to start, it’s all ok.

I’ve got your back

Whether you’re ready to embrace the next stage in life and you want a new enhanced signature style or maybe you’re ready for a transformation but need help with finding your unique look and style.

I’ve got you covered

You’re ready to start being confident to stand out on social media or take on a new path in your life and you want to walk out your front door feeling confident and empowered.

Oh lady, you’re in the right place.


Come alive with colour and present your best YOU to the world.
When you’re wearing the right colours, they work for you, not against you.


  • Purchase the right colours in your clothing and feel amazing.
  • Finding a style that you feel comfortable and authentic in.
  • Confident in your Professional and Personal life.
  • Wear colour in clothes that allows you to come alive and express yourself.
  • Pleasurable shopping experiences – no more “I’m not sure” feelings.
  • Allow others to connect and see the authentic you.
  • Building know, like and trust within online platforms and social media. Stop the scrolling.
  • Look energised and youthful and enhance your best features with positive first impressions.
  • Creating a versatile, easy wear, wardrobe so you enjoy getting dressed without stress. Save money by purchasing what really suits you and not having a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear”.
  • Colour match with makeup making all purchasing easy.
  • Having your hair coloured is a significant investment in time and money, make sure you are wearing the correct tone, shade, and depth to flatter you. (Yes, I help you find all this).

Find your authentic signature
colour palette today!

What’s included:

  • Personalised analysis to find your authentic signature colour palette.
  • personal colour swatch with signature colours for you to refer to.
  • E-learning online colour guide.
  • Ten+ individualised style coaching e-modules.
  • 20 min live coaching call with Claire.
  • Private Facebook group.

The e-modules and e-learning guides are interactive and contain excercises to help deliver your colour knowledge.


Understand how to:

  • Use colour in all areas of your life.
  • Use the Psychology of colour and how it can benefit you in business and personal life.
  • Communicate with colour that is working for you rather than against you.
  • Look taller and slimmer.
  • Use signature colours to gain extra confidence.
  • Wear easy colour combinations personalised to you.
  • Wear your ideal colour and value contrasts.
  • Use colour to connect with others.

This training will bring awareness to why you make mistakes with your clothes, hair, and makeup, and why you keep falling back into the same negative patterns and style-sabotage. 

Let Claire help you turn that around and make your colour and style choices work for you!

By the END of these online 10 + modules, with step by step coaching, you’ll be finding a new love affair with the colours that make you shine bright.



IN SALON Colour Consultation:

Spend an hour with Claire in the studio to discover your true colours.

Claire uses a draping technique to determine your colours that compliment your features, while considering skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour.

Your Colour Consultation appointment date/time will be confirmed after you have booked online.

A draping appointment will take 1 hour.

How do I prepare for my appointment?
• It is best not to come with a fresh new hair colour.
• A little regrowth is ideal for determining your natural colourway.
• Don’t wear any makeup to the consultation.
• If you have a white or cream top wear it (but it’s not necessary if you don’t)
• Don’t apply fake tan to your face within a week of the consultation.

ONLINE Colour Analysis Service.

Can’t come and see Claire in person ? 

Don’t worry, Claire be of service to you. Get an online personal colour analysis from the comfort of your
own home, no matter where you are in the world!

How does it work?
Step 1 You will be sent precise instructions on how to take your first set of photos. Take your time with this step – the better your photos are, the more accurate your analysis will be!

Step 2 Once Claire has analysed the first set of photos for your dominant colour characteristics, you will be sent some coloured cards in the post to photograph holding them next to your face.

Step 3 When you have done this, you will email them back to Claire so she can select your ideal colour palette.
Your very own signature (or WOW) colours are now selected.

Note: We will post a full colour swatch to you that you use when you go shopping. This is not a digital swatch, as your printer and screen may vary from ours.

You will find this an invaluable tool to help you select the right colours when shopping for clothes and makeup.

Step 4 Once you have this, along with an accompanying PDF Colour Guide, you will receive a step-by-step tutorial with Claire in a pre-recorded eLearning and coaching webinar on :
“How to wear your colours. ”

Step 5 Afterwards, you have the opportunity to book a 20 minutes video conference call, with Claire, to answer any questions you may have regarding your colours.

“Claire has an amazing gift. She has, in one incredible, knowledge-filled day, helped me refine my style, clear out the clothes that no longer serve me and who I am now that I’ve transformed, and give me the confidence to shop again without the feeling that I’ll “get it wrong” or waste my money on clothes that I’m not 100% comfortable in. I can’t recommend her skills, professionalism and approachability highly enough. If you are in business for yourself, have gone through a transformation in your personal life or haven’t had this kind of experience before you need her help!”

~ Amanda Kate

Any Questions? Get in Touch!