Colour Analysis

The Personal Colour Analysis is key to looking your best all the time without the help of makeup or tanners.

Claire utilises a draping technique to determine your personal colours that compliment your features, while considering skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour.

When you wear the right colours they work for you, not against you – helping you look younger, more rested, and vital.

• look energised and youthful
• feel confident and happy
• enhance your best features
• make positive first impressions
• create an efficient and versatile wardrobe
• save time – in the shops and getting dressed
• save money – you’ll only buy colours that suit you

Claire is passionate about helping people look their best through colour.  You can be confident that your personalised colour wallet will include the full range of colours that are perfect for you and bring out the best in you!

Find out more about CG Hairdressing colour analysis services below.


Combine any of the below packages to complete your own colour analysis day. 

The Standard

Find your best colours to enhance your natural beauty.  Claire will drape you to determine which colour swatch will flatter, uplift and accentuate you best.

Also, you will be given your signature colours – colours that are exceptionally flattering on you.

(N.B. No Styling advice is given.)

* In a hurry, not a problem allow 1 hour for this service, or book in while your hair colour is processing.

You will receive a complimentary colour swatch (RRP $75.00) consisting of over 40 colours that you can use when shopping for clothes and accessories.

The Deluxe

Enjoy a relaxing experience focused entirely on you and what is going to make you shine.  Take up to 3 hours learning how to use colour to your advantage.

Claire will find the right colours that will enhance, flatter and accentuate your natural beauty.  Claire will drape you and work out the right colour swatch and find your signature colours, the second part to this consultation – Enjoy a styling lesson on how to best work your colours to excel in both your personal and professional life.

Included is a personalised swatch (RRP $75) and colour booklet detailing how to use colour in all areas of life: investment pieces, hair colour, makeup, accessories, colour mixing, psychology, branding.  You will also be added to a private facebook group.

Makeup Lesson
$150.00 *

Redeemed back against a product purchase.
This 1.5 hour lesson gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply makeup that is perfect for you.  Once your colours have been identified it lets us complete your look with a step-by-step personal makeup tutorial.

Whether it’s a natural look or something a little more glamorous, I’ll get you confident with your makeup skills.  Applying makeup can be daunting whether you’re 16 or over 60.  If you wear makeup daily or only use it on the odd occasion, it’s good to know that you’re using the right colours and that you feel confident applying it.

Claire has some fabulous professional tips that will simplify and speed up the process.  Your makeup routine needs to fit easily into your lifestyle. It should also compliment your facial features and complexion. At the beginning of the session, we’ll discuss these points so I cover what you need.  Claire will record the products we use. And, if you like the makeup, the full range is available for purchase.

• Find the perfect foundation for you
• Step by step instructions
• Tailored to your face shape, colours and lifestyle. 

Couture haircut

A bespoke couture cut is a type of custom hairstyle based on body, face bone structure. Of course, a couture cut may look however the hairstylist designs it.

Because trends and popular styles are constantly changing, there are no set parameters for a couture cut. Typically, it is a style that has been highly customized for the individual who will be wearing it.

There are many reasons to get a couture hairstyle.  A haircut is often the finishing touch on any outfit, and a personalised hair cut will help anyone to look pulled together and stylish.

In addition, couture cuts are very unique. They are often designed by the stylist for the client, so no one else will look the same. and requires a skilled stylist to create the look.

A new, eye-catching hair colour might go along with the cut as well, claire can advise you on new hair colour but working with your colour analysis.

Claire has an amazing gift. She has, in one incredible, knowledge-filled day, helped me refine my style, clear out the clothes that no longer serve me and who I am now that I’ve transformed, and give me the confidence to shop again without the feeling that I’ll “get it wrong” or waste my money on clothes that I’m not 100% comfortable in.
I can’t recommend her skills, professionalism and approachability highly enough.
If you are in business for yourself, have gone through a transformation in your personal life
or haven’t had this kind of experience before you need her help!

~ Amanda Kate

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