Are you’re a lover of a comfortable style?

Do you love to wear comfortable clothes every day?

Think back, have you ever worn anything that isn’t comfortable, it can make or break your day. As someone very active in their job, I know if I am not comfortable working in the salon that day, it puts me in a bad mood.

Below are my 7 top tips for ultimate comfort, yet stylish clothes to have in your WFH wardrobe. 

1. If your anti jeans and anti leggings, why not opt for a loose-fitting trouser very on-trend at the moment and pair with a blazer can be a great option.

2.  Would you prefer to want something a little bit smarter but still is comfortable? Ballet flat pumps would be a good option if you fed up with wearing runners or converses.

Top Tip

Try and purchase them in your hair colour to complete a visual looping.

3. Who doesn’t love a pair of jogging bottoms or sweatpants? Once always thought of as scruffy now very on-trend. Why not pair them with a matching sweat top or a sporty T-shirt that will give it a more polished look?

4. At the start of winter, the ankle boot makes a grand return. Honestly, I have many different colours and styles in this wearable boot because I do struggle with finding long boots to fit my slim calves.

I like to have the option that ankle boots give you, wear them with jeans, skirts and dresses; thus said multiple uses means more value for money.

5. Alpaca sweaters are a great option for comfort and warmth. However, less bulky so considerably more flattering on the figure and opportunities to wear other clothing underneath, I love  exquisite handmade custom designs, because that effortless classic natural style appeals to me. I also love the story behind how the business was made.

Image Jules creator of Flocci     

6. Leggings are another comfortable item of clothing, gosh I remember them back in the 80’s. Some figures suit leggings very well, you don’t have to look like you’re at the gym when you wear them. Maybe try leggings with an oversized chunky sweater and a pair of boots to give you a natural look that’s comfortable with more of a on trend look, if that’s what appeals to you.

7. The skinny Jean is such a classic item of clothing now.

Top Tip I recommend picking a pair that has an excellent stretch to them; they hold their shape better and shape your figure well. The bonus is that they are ultimately comfortable.


I love nothing better than looking at Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. For my fashion choices I also like to follow celebrity icons this is a great ‘style tip’ which we can discuss when you have your next hair or style appointment.

Thank you to Flocci Australia and  Fi Mims Photography for the use of the Images.

Other Images Pinterest.


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