CG Hairdressing – a unique, luxurious and enlightening experience for your “me time”.

The secret to your style journey begins with a visit to CG hairdressing – a boutique salon on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula
fusing modern, flawless and easy-wear hair styles with a signature look that embodies you and your individual beauty.
More than just a hair salon, we focus on the essential elements of style – hair, colour and image to deliver an exclusive
service that will completely change the way you see yourself.

The CG boutique salon difference means we take the time to delve deep into your body architecture, skin, eyes,
hair colour and style needed to create the very best image for you that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Our salon experience is luxurious, authentic and insightful. You’ll not only leave feeling relaxed and
rejuvenated but with the knowledge to understand what hairstyles, colours and
style personality that work best to enhance you.

Claire Gorman – the face behind CG hairdressing uses her wealth of industry experience in the UK to deliver a personalised consultation
taking into consideration a range of factors including facial and figure bone structure, skin colouring, lifestyle and personality.

Together you will create a timeless style that reveals and enriches your natural beauty.






As a qualified colour analysis expert, Claire can also determine the correct colour for you,
taking into consideration your skin tone, eye colour and your contrast levels.

* Discover why certain make-ups, hairstyles and colours work better for your face and body style;

* Gain an understanding of the styles, fabrics and colours that really enhance you;

* Understand the secret to feeling good is getting your unique hair, colour and image style right;

* Understand how styles, colours and fabrics work best to enhance you;

* Learn the language to communicate style with others.