OK, so you’re not able to go out to the Peninsula Hot Springs or even your local Endota Day Spa, but you sure can fake it in your own clean and tidy bathroom. This is your “me” time so no significant interruptions.

1. Stage the event, clear out the clutter. Light candles or at least dim the lights. Get a playlist of soothing music going, I love meditation to relax to plus you’ll have a great night’s sleep when you play meditation music in a beautiful warm soothing bath.

Grab your fluffy robe and towels and some clean facecloths.

Have a pitcher of cold water spiked with lemon slices and mint or cucumber to sip. Or even be very indulgent with champagne and strawberries!

You’re an hour or two away from the best night sleep, serenity and waking up with the most wonderful glowing skin the next day.

2. Do it your way. Personalise each Sunday “spa” session.
Week one be a bath lover, apply face and hair masks before that dreamy soak and maybe end with a clear water rinse jump in under the shower.
Prefer showers? Do a great body scrub

3. Slather on a hair mask (aka deep conditioner) ASAP. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently distribute the mask or oil evenly. Then let it “bake” under a plastic-wrap turban or shower cap.

My advice:

  • If your hair is chemically treated (coloured, highlighted, relaxed or straightened) and fragile or thin.
  • If your hair is dull or dry.
  • If your hair is frizzy or damaged, can smooth strands and restore a healthy look.

Apply my favourite treatment, Khairpep, each Sunday for the next month to repair, restore and renew it. If you do a treatment every Sunday and get into the routine your hair would love you for it.

4. Apply a disposable eye mask
If your eyes are puffy, red, darkly circled or fatigued. You can wear grandma’s teabag-and-cucumber-slice remedies or apply a beautiful eye mask.

5. Give hands a TLC makeover.
Before jumping in the tub or shower, file and shape your fingernails dry — once wet they’re more apt to break or split. File in one direction (no sawing!) on one side to the center, then the other side, and do tips last. At the end of the evening, massage hands and cuticles with a rich hand cream. My fav go-to is INIKA Avocado oil hand cream plus it’s anti-aging and reverses the signs of aging too.

6. Thank your feet with bootie masks.
Each achy, crusty, calloused foot has 26 bones plus muscles, tendons and ligaments. Since toenails are thick, they’re easier to trim and file when softened first in bath or shower, so save this step for later. Follow grooming with a foot massage. Use your thumbs in circular movements to press arches, big toes, small toes, balls of feet and heels. Slip on sock masks infused with shea butter and that’s my little bit of heaven right there.

7. Relax in a steamy (but not too hot) tub.
Just add two cups of mineral salts such as Epsom Bath Salt for Soaking Rich in magnesium. Bath salts help reduce water retention that bloats breasts, tummy or ankles while it soothes achy muscles.
Try adding some beautiful oils to create an extra spa experience.

8. Rinse or shower off and moisturize.
Jump into the shower to remove excess bath product residue. Apply a body moisturizer while the skin is still damp. Don’t forget to trim and file toenails now, while they’re soft.
Then top your toes off with pretty polish for a spa pedi look.

9. Stay blissful for a good night’s sleep.
Turn off your mobile, your laptop and face away from the glow of your digital alarm. Try some meditation to get yourself centred, keep the bedroom cool — and be sure to blow out all those calming candles!


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