I personally feel a lipstick is THE secret weapon in your makeup bag!

Pop on your lippy and WOW, it makes a statement and creates a great impact on how you look and feel about yourself.

I’m amazed when I consult with clients to learn how many don’t wear lipstick.

It’s mainly due to them not knowing which colour best suits them, or they’ve been advised on the wrong colour then they don’t like it, so they revert to natural lips.

Some things to take into consideration when shopping for the right lipstick

Put the lipstick colours on your lips! Not the back of your hand.  This is a big mistake because your lips have a different colour pigment to them than your hand, and this pigment will show through and change the lipstick colour!

  1. – Make sure you look at the colours in daylight (this is the case when shopping for any type of makeup)
  2. – If you are a cool skin tone you’ll need a blue undertone to your lipstick
  3. – If you are a warm skin tone you’ll need an orange undertone to your lipstick
  4. – Do light, medium or dark shades suit you better?
  5. – Do you suit bright or soft muted tones.?

Take into account your style and personality.

Your style and personality would come into play here also. If you’re a dramatic type you would naturally go for the hot pink bright shade to make an impact or statement, because this is how you like to be seen.

Or, are you a classic style lady who’d never cope with your favourite lipstick being discontinued!

Applying your best shade of lipstick can instantly lift your complexion and make your eyes sparkle, your teeth look whiter, and makes you smile.

Did you know the power of different colours in lipstick can enhance your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.  But, it can also intensify your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

I always suggest if you’re in a hurry and need a five-minute makeover never forget your lipstick.  It’s your secret weapon to making you look like you’ve spent time on your makeup


Some care tips:

  • Reassess your lipsticks — they do go off!
  • If they start to smell bin them.
  • I recommend that you have a few correct shades but in different colours.
  • Use them and love them.
  • Have an everyday lippy – apply and run.
  • Have a statement lippy to intensify your natural colouring.
  • Use a lippy enhancer to work with your natural colouring.
  • Get a date night lippy for the evening.

There are lots of tricks you can do with a lippy and you don’t have to just wear it on your lips!

A natural enhancer colour, you can use as a blush and or eye shadow.

I’m all for having makeup that is multifunctional.

It’s the icing on the cake to your outfit. If you’re keen to find your right colours I’m more than happy to advise you.

Check out my makeup one-on-one sessions via my website or look out for the makeup workshops that I run throughout the year.
CG 💋