Your first visit with me ….

After you submit your booking request, I’ll double-check that the date, time, and service makes the most sense for your hair needs, and we will make it a date!  If you’re looking for a colour service, please be aware a skin test must be carried out before your colour service.

Skin Test Information

I have a DUTY OF CARE to make sure that you are protected in these circumstances.  The best way of ensuring that you are allergy free when it comes to hair colouring is to come into the salon minimum 72 hours before the application of hair dye.

This is without a doubt the safest and most efficient way of detecting any allergies.  Even if you have been dying your hair for years and have never had a reaction before, we highly recommend a skin test.

Incompatibility Test.
Some products that a client may have used on their hair can react badly to chemicals used within the salon. These typically include hair colour or non professional products, which leave behind residue this can cause problems when colouring the hair.

The day of your appointment – You will pull up to my boutique salon in Mount Eliza. We’ve got free parking outside, and you’ll know you got the right spot when you see my CG Hairdressing sign out front.

Once you make your way inside, we will find a spot to sit down for a consultation. Here, we will discuss the details of your first visit and a long-term plan to ensure all of your hair goals.

If you have a colour appointment, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in my system to always be ready and waiting at each visit.

We’ve got Wi-Fi, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your colour processes. Why not help yourself try out the makeup stand or painting your nails, which all my clients love to do. Enjoy a wide range of specialty coffee and herbal teas or maybe a glass of French champagne? Sit back unwind with relaxing music.

We will finish our service by styling. I will recommend your home hair care and styling range with advice to recreate and maintain your look at home, and we will set you up for your next maintenance appointment.

I will eagerly be awaiting your next visit with me!



30 min Complimentary appointment


Price starting from $125 


Price starting from $250
(Formal price at consultation)

GST Included.
Price List is an indication.
A more detailed quote can be provided during the consultation.

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“I had a fantastic experience with Claire from the moment I walked through the door of her
beautiful bespoke salon in the gorgeous suburb of Mt Eliza.
Claire is exceptionally good at putting people at ease with her friendly, professional manner and warm personality. I got everything and more I had hoped for in my session with Claire : expert tips on styling , colour matching and make up application, as well as some great natural products !
Thank you Claire, I’ll be back for a another visit in the future

~ Kerry Borgula