The majority of my clients love black and will never take it out of their wardrobe!

That’s OK.

I have tips and tricks for clients on how to wear black if black is not their ideal colour. Black is the ultimate go-to colour for almost every woman, especially in cooler climates like we have in Melbourne!

Wearing black too close to your face can make you look washed out and do very little to lift your skin tone.  As we mature, black can be unflattering, especially if worn near the face, and it has the potential to age us. This is due to black creating shadows that show up fine lines and wrinkles that we definitely do not want to highlight.

A way to get past this challenge is by choosing an accessory that stops black creating shadows onto your face.  Try selecting a scarf or statement necklace in one of your signature colours to enhance your skin, hair and eyes.

Ideally, only wear black fabrics with a softened sheen such as silk, or fabrics that show some skin through such as lace or mesh.  As mentioned above, keep black away from your face so as not to create unflattering shadows.

Even if you wear it on your lower half, it will draw attention to itself as it could be unrelated to your natural colourings.

Black is not flattering if you best suit warm colours, as black is classed as cool-toned colour.

Remember, black is a heavy, dense colour and can sometimes give the appearance of you looking bigger!

To overcome this, opt for fitted styles to accentuate your shape.


Prevent your all-black ensemble from looking too harsh by adding anthracite grey to soften your outfit.
When you’re wearing all black choose fitted clothing to make you look more polished and put-together.
If your clothes seem too big in some places, take them to a tailor to alter to fit your body.
Try playing with fabric contrasts between smooth and soft to add depth to your all-black outfit.


Black mixed with dark blue is considered to be each other’s extension. Combining black with dark blue is stylish, chic and adds a classic feel.



Teaming black shoes or jacket with a black-and-white dress is a timeless combination that never fails – but looks best worn on someone with a high-value contrast.

Silver or Gold Jewellery is one of the best ways to create high-value contrast with an all-black outfit. It’s subtle and eye-catching, and quick and easy to pull together.


If you are more colour dominant in your features, add a splash of colour to your look with jewellery and accessories. Styled and selected in the correct colourways that suit you will help create your best colour contrast.

If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes, it can be tempting to “hide” in an all-black outfit. Comfort comes from well-fitting clothes or wearing clothes that reflect your style personality.

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A question I get asked constantly is: ” How do I know if I can wear black?”

If your hair is naturally a cool black or darkest brown, then this colour can look great on you. I do have a great trick that I share with my clients during a colour analysis consultation, and I also do check and confirm by analysing clients before I colour their hair. It’s all in the eyes!

Wearing your hair dark or black.

Make sure you have the correct tone to your dark hair, Black is cool so if you suit warmer colours opt for a darkest warm brown, chocolate or darkest golden brown. If you suit more cooler tones in your dark hair you could defiantly pull off the cool ash dark shades, or have plum and violet tones added, or even transition to red mahogany.

Hair Tip:

If you have to add more bronzer or fake tan to your face and skin, then this could indicate that your hair colour is not suitable for you. It might be time to have a new colour consultation with your hairdresser to see if you should go a touch lighter, or if you need to reassess the colour tone. Black is not flattering if you best suit warm colours, as black is classed as cool-toned colour.

Dark hair colours will make your hair appear thicker and more shiny and smooth.

What are the positive and negative traits of the colour BLACK?

🖤Positive keywords include protection and comfort, strong, contained, formal, sophisticated, seductive, mysterious, endings & beginnings.

🖤Negative keywords include aloof, depressing and pessimistic, secretive and withholding, conservative and serious, power & control, sadness and negativity.

🖤The colour black represents mystery: Black is the unknown. It is secretive, keeping a lot buried inside, unwilling to show its real feelings.

🖤Power and control: Black is power and control of the self and others. It creates fear and intimidation.

🖤Effects of the colour black: Formal, dignified and sophisticated as in the little black dress and the formal dinner suit.

🖤Aloof: Black sets itself aside from others with its heavy and intense energy. It keeps others at arm’s length.

🖤Depressing: Black can close us to the positive aspects of life, forcing us to look at our disappointments and the black or negative aspects of our life. It can create a fear of the future.

🖤Pessimistic: Too much black encourages us to look at the negative side of life. Black can cause depression and mood swings and create a negative environment. Combined with white only, it can create an argumentative atmosphere.

🖤It is best to use some colour with black to lighten and brighten its energy.

🖤Affluent and success orientated women often choose black as it can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence.

🖤Black is often associated with sexiness and seduction, as in the temptress in sexy black lingerie creating an air of mystery and intrigue.