I personally love to wear GREEN and I’m so lucky that it is one of my SIGNATURE COLOURS.

šŸ’šGreen, the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy, and wall street.

šŸ’šThe colour green has healing power and is understood to be the most restful and relaxing colour forĀ the human eye to view. Green can help enhance vision, stability and endurance.

šŸ’šThe colour green affects us physically and mentally in several different ways. Green is soothing, relaxing, and youthful. Green is a colour that helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Green also brings with it a sense of hope, health, adventure, and renewal, as well as self-control, compassion, and harmony.

šŸ’šDifferent shades, tints, and hues of green have different meanings. For example, dark green represents greed, ambition, and wealth, while yellow-green stands for sickness, jealousy, and cowardice, and olive green represents the traditional colour of peace.

“IĀ believeĀ Green is a versatile shade that looks great when matched with a range of other colours.” Ā 

CG Styling Advice

How to wear the colour green.

  1. The right tone of green can be flattering on almost any skin tone.
  2. Try matching with other colours such as peach, white, black, beige or navy.
  3. Create a chic look – Ā just add black or white.
  4. Why not start by featuring pops of green in your accessories.
  5. Create a complementary contrast with green by adding red.
  6. Make you outfit pop by featuring your correct value contrast levels.




Fashion Alert

Mint fashion is coming into shops at the end of 2020. It’s sure to be a big hit everywhere, from accessories to clothing, makeup to nail polish.

Why not try it out, perhaps add black for the ultimate classy touch, this will sure guarantee you’ll create a tremendous impression!

MINT – IsĀ softer shade of turquoise and green. You will catch sight of this colour from next season in out Aussie shops.

Paired with pastels or white, mint has a soft and sweet angelic effect.

Mint green is heading to our shops by the end of 2020/21

My Top Tips

  • A dramatic style personality should give fluorescent green a go.
  • Just make sure the correct tone of GREENĀ complements your skin and doesnā€™t make you look ill.
  • Why not have a bit of fun and play with the colour, in the form of different textures and patterns?
  • Go all green and create an outfit of monochromatic hues, very elegant, very chic!
  • And last but not least try khaki, this is a safe easy alternative way to begin with.


Ideas to match green to create aĀ chic and contemporary look.Ā 


Think of a personal colour analysis as an investment in you and your future wardrobe.”



Credit: Photos from Pinterest